THE VISION WITHIN - Paintings of Tagore

An Icon of the Indian culture, Nobel Laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore, reputed as a great composer of songs, novelist, dramatist, philosopher and educationist, was a painter too. It is now universally acknowledged that his doodles and erasures of lines of Poems led to grotesque shapes kindled his visual imagination. Finally from 1923 he fell in love with these shapes and turned into a compulsive painter, painting vigorously as well as passionately about 3000 pictures in less than two decades (about 18 years) that he was left with. He did not study, yet he observes a great deal.

The film tries to capture this fascinating extension of a myriad-minded creative genius both historically as well as descriptively. It uses stills, film clips, interviews and location shootings to show the man at work, slow gaining of confidence with Pen and brush, appreciations abroad and at home, the explosion of his colourful as well as mysterious imagination in thousands of shapes of men, women, flowers, animals, geometric and dramatic figures, landscapes, still life etc. much of which spurt out of his inner mind like volcanic eruptions. Tagore is regarded by critics like William Archer as “the first modern Painter that India has produced”. Distancing himself both from the so-called “oriental” or “Indian School of painting” and the art of pure abstraction, Tagore found a location which was highly distinctive and individual with volcanic eruptions of his inner mind.


film details

Name of the Film:
THE VISION WITHIN - Paintings of Tagore
Sanat Mahanta
Production Company:
Aurora Film Corporation P. Ltd.
Chandan Roy Choudhury
Release Date:
January 24, 2013