Sri Aurobindo on Education

Sri Aurobindo Ghosh sent by his parents to England for his education.

He learnt from the letters of his father that India is struggling for independence. He took a firm decision that he will return to India and join the Independent movement. He deliberately abstained from horse riding test and thus disqualified himself from Indian Civil Service examination. After returning to India, he joined Maharaja of the state of Baroda and subsequently came to Calcutta and joined as the first Principal of Bengal National College. He joined the liberation movement and had to leave for Pondicherry.

According to Sri Aurobindo a rightly conceived Indian National Education will be faithful to the developing soul of India, to the greatness of her coming self-creation, to her eternal spirit.


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Sri Aurobindo on Education
Anjan Bose
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Aurora Film Corpn Pvt. Ltd.
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