Sadanander Mela

The story rotates around Sadananda (Chhabi Biswas plays this protagonist role), a person who takes things always cheerfully as they happen and enjoys every moment of his life with whoever comes to be a part of his amity fair. He serves as the catalytic agent who without changing himself changes all other beings that come in his contact.

One day he returns home to find his home demolished in a storm. Sadananda moves on in search of a shelter. By the course of time, he comes across a kitten, a little girl and Ajit ( Uttam Kumar plays Ajit ) – a poor guy trying to live an honest life with his family who was also in search of a shelter.

Sadananda happens to pass by an imposing mansion owned by the millionaire named Dakshinaranjan (Pahari Sanyal) and when he finds that the mansion is unoccupied, he takes it as a chance to find some shelter for himself and the homeless family of the little girl. The manager of the mansion was so impressed with Sadananda's easy and caring behaviour that he actually leaves the mansion to Sadananda’s care and goes on a long pending leave to his village.

Sadananda managed to take shelter in the mansion along with Ajit's family but insists that they must not touch any object in the mansion that does not belong to them. So they start a home with the meagre possessions, utensils, etc and mutually share the daily expenses.

Dakshinaranjan's only daughter Sheila (Suchitra Sen) wants to succeed on her own, and leaves her parents. Ajit and Sheila end up living in the same house, both successfully managing on their own.
Dakshinaranjan of course searches far and wide for his daughter, even hiring professional detectives. But Sheila herself let him know where she is, and invites her dad to take a look himself. Sheila convinces him to join the “family” as her old teacher who is just as “homeless”. Poor Dakshinaranjan ends up in a peculiar situation of asking for permission to stay in his own home as a destitute from a person who himself is a homeless! Eventually Sheila's parents do realize Ajit is a great guy to hand their daughter off to, and a happy wedding takes place.

Sadananda’s mission to give shelter, security and happiness to some homeless souls reaches a successful end but he will never tie himself down to the bonding of a home or family.


film details

Name of the Film:
Sadanander Mela
Sukumar Dasgupta
Production Company:
Aurora Film Corporation P. Ltd.
Praman Mitra
Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Chhabi Biswas, Pahari Sanyal
Family drama
Release Date:
July 16, 1954