The crooked sage Vishwamitra (Chabi Biswas) is performing a severe 'tapasya' (meditation), to achieve the 'Trividya', the extraordinary power to rule over the three worlds (heaven, earth, and hell). With the power of meditation, he pulls up and tied down 'Trividya' with creepers who is in form of a woman. Hearing the crying and sobbing sound of 'Trividya', King Harishchandra (Nitish Mukherjee) acts swiftly and rescues her from her captivity without knowing Vishwamitra's 'tapasya'. Viswamitra becomes furious as his feat is destroyed.

Harishchandra apologizes to Vishwamitra, and promises to donate him the entire earth to get rid of his guilt. But as a donation is not fulfilled without 'dakshina' (payment), Harishchandra promises to pay him thousand gold coins within a month.

Loosing everything, Raja with his wife Shaivya (Dipti Roy), son Rohitashya (Bibhu Bhattacharya) - all donning beggars dress , take shelter at Varanasi and performing tremendous hardship to earn gold coins, for the payment of the Sage. During this course of hardship, Harishchandra faces numerous unbelievable obstacles, precarious situations which can't be beard as a husband, as a father.

At the end, he becomes successful to keep his promise and comes out as a honest, noble and true human being. The film is all about performing the extraordinary and unimaginable noble duties of Raja Harishchandra.


film details

Name of the Film:
Phani Burma
Production Company:
Aurora Film Corporation P. Ltd.
Nachiketa Ghosh
Chhabi Biswas, Nitish Mukherjee, Dipti Roy, Bibhu Bhattacharya and others
Release Date:
May 31, 1957