Arogya Niketan

'Mashay' or 'Mahashoy' refers someone who is honest and pure in mind. The 'Sen's of Nabagram achieved this title, people called them 'Mashai'.

The 'Mashai's of Nabagram are by profession 'Kabiraaj' (Ayurvedic doctor). Name of current 'Mashai' is Jiban Sen (Bikash Roy). Jiban Mashai and his wife Aator Bou (Chhaya Devi), only two members are in the family.

Pradyut Sen (Shuvendu Chatterjee), an allopathic doctor, comes to Nabagram to run his clinical practice. But Pradyut has come to know about Jiban Mashai and how he predicts death to his patients by observing their pulse. The villagers blindly belief that prediction of Jiban Mashai never fails.

Pradyut strongly protests Jiban Mashai's method and he warned Jiban Mashai not to give such predictions, because medical science improved a lot and doctors are for giving life to their patients, not to give death predictions.

Jiban Mashai always says that he is the descendant of Mashai dynasty who never tells a lie.

Later it was revealed that Pradyut is Jiban Mashai's own grandson.


film details

Name of the Film:
Arogya Niketan
Bijoy Bose
Production Company:
Aurora Film Corporation P. Ltd.
Music Director:
Robin Chattopadhyay
Lead Cast:
Bikash Roy, Chhaya Devi, Shuvendu Chatterjee
Release Date:
December 26, 1969
Festival(s) / Award(s):
Best Regional Film Award for the year 1967