In the Rarh region of West Bengal in a small village a small Vaishnavite family lives. The child Kamal is the only daughter of the mother Kamini (Chandrabati Devi). There is an old Vaishnavite lives beside them known as Rasikdas (Nitish Mukhopadhyay). Kamal has a very sweet relationship with this old Vaishnavite. She called him “Bakbabaji” and he called her “Raikamal”.

When Raikamal grew up (Kaberi Basu) her mother has come to know that she loves a farmer's son named Ranjan (Uttam Kimar) but the marriage is not possible because of caste. On Ranjan's father's request, Kamini left the village and Rasikdas brings them in Nabadwip (a city in Nadia district, west Bengal).

Kamini died in Nabadwip but before her death Kamal gave her word that she will marry a suitable Vaishnavite. When Rasikdas keeps telling her about her word to her mother and marry a suitable young Vaishnavite, Kamal accepts Rasikdas as her husband.


film details

Name of the Film:
Subodh Mitra
Production Company:
Aurora Film Corporation P. Ltd.
Music Director:
Pankaj Mullick
Lead Cast:
Uttam Kumar, Kaberi Basu, Chandrabati Devi, Nitish Mukhopadhyay and others
Release Date:
March 08, 1955
Festival(s) / Award(s):
Winner ‘Certificate of Merit’ as Best Feature Film in Regional Award, 1955